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GUNfet is a brand which designs and produces the equipment for ASG branch. The business office of the company is situated in GdaƄsk, Poland. All our products are designed and manufactured in Poland. The main aim during the production process is to maintain the highest quality of our goods. We purchase the electronic components only from reliable and verified European suppliers.

bluFET Questions

Yes, you can! If you want you can have bluFET in all your airguns. It only requires choosing the particular bluFET in your mobile application as it retains your profiles in memory and enables storage of a few weapon profiles.

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Why bluFET?

bluFET is the most advanced programmable MOSFET on market. It gives you many features which other MOSFETs can not give you.

  • Configuration done by mobile app
  • Complex stats from battle field
  • First community application for ASG

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